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  1. That’s a great list you have there. All the openings are iconic and man, I simply love all of them. I loved Shinzou wo Sasageyo for so long but then My War came out… And now there’s Rumbling (if that’s the title, kinda forgot lol) but in the context of what Attack on Titan represents, it will forever be the most iconic one (even among those who are not fans hehe)

    1. I agree! They are all so good, it is so hard to choose a favorite! Every time a new season comes out the song is iconic!

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      1. It’s one of my favs. Fate Zero and Fate Stay Night/Unlimited Blade Works are the two most worth watching, IMO. I haven’t yet seen Heaven’s Feel. Though I really want to — as I’m very interested in the character of Sakura. Would love to hear your thoughts on these.

  3. Great picks! This reminds me of my old anime playlists from back when I was still cosplaying.

    No. 8: FLOW interestingly did “World End”, one of the openings from Code Geass R2. Not really much a fan of the band’s songs for Naruto, but the one they did for Eureka Seven (DAYS) is amazing to listen to — with the violins accompaniment and all.

    No. 2: You can never go wrong with UVERworld when it comes to opening themes! “Colors of the Heart” from Blood+ is among their best.

    1. Thank you! Oooh I might have heard “Colors of the Heart” before but I don’t remember, I’ll check out their other songs too. “World End” is epic! They did a good job on that one!

  4. Mai Minakami (Nichijou), Joe Kido (Digimon Adventure), Taihei Doma (Himouto! Umaru-Chan), and Sawako Yamanaka (K-On!) are some glasses-wearing characters I can think of that I liked.

    Glad to see that #2 and #3 from here were the ones I recognized easily from my viewings!

  5. Out of this list I’ve seen “Death Note”, “Attack on Titan”, and of course “Cowboy Bebop”. I have “The Promised Neverland” on my list but haven’t gotten around to it yet. A few of my favorites that aren’t here include “Shiki”, “Darker Than Black”, “Claymore”, and this one crazy anime about girls who turn into space battleships or something? I can’t remember the name of that last one, and sadly it left Netflix before I could finish watching it …

    1. “Shiki”, “Darker Than Black” and “Claymore” are on my watchlist, they all look really good. The last one you mentioned about space battleships sounds so familiar but for the life of me I can’t place it!

  6. I loved Death Note but it was hard to catch upπŸ˜‚ Very in-depth crime thriller…I was shocked to know what happened to L(oops spoiler alert for anyone here?)πŸ˜‚

    1. It does drag on towards the end, but I actually really liked the ending. It’s also one of those shows that you have to watch a couple times to get all that is going on.