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10. Black Lagoon

I am not normally a fan of purely action-packed shows but this one manages to define the characters in the action scenes, which is something you see few shows do. If you are a fan of thriller and action shows, then this one is perfect. It has car and boat chases, bar fights, and raw fist fights. Also, Revi is plain badass. Like most of the shows on this list, it’s a great anime to binge.

I like this anime because:

  • Revi *blushes*
  • the other characters. They are all written great and work really well together.

9. Berserk (1997)

Berserk is the story about brotherly love. The setting is dark, medieval and fantasy. Berserk is about Guts, or “The Black Swordsman” and the bonds he forms with a group of soldiers who are fighting to gain power in the royal court. He forms a special bond with Griffith, the leader of the group. The anime becomes more and more intense and this tension comes to a head in the last episode. Though the theme of the whole show is dark and grim, the last episode gives a new meaning to those words. This is by far the darkest anime I have watched to date.

I like this anime because:

  • the message. There are plenty of deeper meanings behind this anime, the one that is the most captivating for me is the question of “what are you living for?” The main characters ponder this question throughout. Guts and Casca have learned to guard their hearts, therefore, accepting that they have something worth fighting for besides their own freedom seems foreign to them and a sign of weakness. By joining the Band of the Hawks they are putting their trust in something besides themselves. Not that Guts and Casca are similar characters, they just follow a different path than Griffith does. Griffith, on the other hand, already has something he trying to obtain, and a thirst for power and control is what motivates him.
  • the character Guts. Guts isn’t the typical tough guy character with a tragic backstory. He does have these two things but we see him go through major character development. Because of his past, he has an extremely hard time trusting people but learns to place his trust in others while still maintaining his independence.

8. Fruits Basket (2019, cause I haven’t seen the 2001 version yet)

Ah my comfort anime! The premise is heartwarming and wholesome. When Tohru Honda is invited into the Sohma home she discovers that each member suffers the effects of a curse where they turn into an animal according to the year they are born. The transformation happens when a Sohma is embraced by someone of the opposite sex. Tohru plans to find a way to break the curse. Tohru’s selflessness manifests itself as she works to break the curse. This anime is super cute and memorable!

I like this anime because:

  • the love story. Whoever you ship Tohru with you gotta admit her relationship with Kyo is adorable!
  • the connection between each of the characters. Like many anime series, this series has many characters and each of them are unique. It is interesting to see how they interact with each other.

7. Naruto

Also, my comfort anime! I have so much nostalgia for this show, and this is much of the reason why I recommend watching it! This is one of the first anime I watched. What got me hooked was its charm. The premise is simple but there are deeper messages to be found throughout. At the beginning, we see that Naruto is shunned by his village because of the demon inside him. He continually is made to feel like the outcast, that he does not belong anywhere. Throughout the show we see him tell others that they should never feel like outcast, he understands these dark emotions and so does not wish anyone else to feel them.

I like this anime because:

  • the main characters are cute and extremely likable.
  • the nostalgia! I could watch this show over and over again!

6. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga follows the journey of Thorfinn as he tries to attain his goal of avenging his father’s death. In his journey he finds himself fighting alongside his father’s killer in order to establish peace. This anime mainly takes place in 10th century England during the war between England and the Danes. This is the anime I usually recommend to baby-weebs.

I like this anime because:

  • it is something different from most shows. This is one reason why I recommend this show to people who are new to anime. A story about Vikings is always appealing.
  • the main character. Thorfinn stands out from the typical Viking. While he is surrounded by a band of war-hungry soldiers Thorfinn is always calm, especially when fighting. What makes him different from his fellow Vikings is his aim. He plans to avenge his father’s death and his drive is the intense pride from his family’s name.

5. Made In Abyss

Okay. I was not prepared for this show! The show mentally scarred me but I still love it!

There is so much mystery surrounding a seemingly endless chasm. Riko plans to travel into the abyss to find her lost mother. She is accompanied by a robot boy named Reg. The farther the two advance into the abyss the more danger they find themselves in.

I like this anime because:

  • the mystery. There are SO many questions in the beginning and more keep popping up.
  • Riko. Her drive and enthusiasm reminds me of Emma from The Promised Neverland. Once she commits to an idea there is no stopping her!

4. Death Note

This was my very first anime, and the one that sucked me in! After finding a notebook that can kill anyone just by writing their name in it while picturing their face Light Yagami takes on the role of a judge and decides the fate of convicted criminals. Light is trying to transform the world into one that is pure and uncorrupted. After he encounters the detective L, Light must take measures to ensure L does not find out who he is and what he can do. Light and L’s genius wits battle against each other, this keeps the viewer extremely invested.

I like this anime because:

  • the storyline. As mentioned before, we watch the battle of wits between Light and L, this battle becomes more and more intense as the show progresses.
  • it’s a psychological crime thriller. These genres never fail to captivate the majority of people, plus these elements are done extremely well in the show.

3. The Promised Neverland

In The Promised Neverland orphans live at Grace Field House under the care of “Mama”. After finding out the horrible truth, that they are being processed as the food for demons, a group of them, led by Emma, plan an escape from the house. The children must work together to strategize an escape plan in order to not get caught by Mama. Like all the anime on this list, The Promised Neverland is engaging and the characters are charming, plus there are some twists throughout. On a side note, I have not watched the second season and, from what I’ve heard, do not plan to.

I like this anime because:

  • Emma. She is determined, enthusiastic and it is impossible for her to give up on herself and her friends.
  • the ending of the first season. There are a lot of surprises in the last episode of the first season. We find out the relationship between Ray and Isabella. We are also lead to feel sympathy for Isabella, even though she is responsible for the deaths of the many orphans under her care. When she was younger she made a special connection with a boy from her orphanage and, after he was killed, decided to become a Mama in order to honor his memory. It is also revealed that she cares for the children to some extent, she wishes them success and safety in their journey.

2. Attack on Titan

Everyone has heard of AoT and it’s somewhere on every weeb’s top 10 fave anime. Attack on Titan is about a civilization’s battle for freedom against their oppressors. The Eldians and Marleyans possess different titan forms, which they use as weapons. As there are so many elements and layers to this show I would encourage anyone to watch it at least once to appreciate it.

I like this anime because:

  • it only gets better. The farther the show progresses the higher the stakes become, causing the viewer to become more invested.
  1. 1. Cowboy Bebop

As impressive as AoT is, for me Cowboy Bebop is a pure masterpiece. There are few flaws, if any, I can find in this anime. Each episode is a whole story in itself, but they all tie together to express a theme throughout, forming a masterpiece. For anyone who hasn’t seen this show I highly encourage watching it!

As I was rewatching the show I realized my fave episodes are Jupiter Jazz Part 1 and 2.

I like this anime because:

  • the many interpretations. There are many takeaways from the anime. The main theme for me is the personification of Spike’s past in Julia. Spike has a deep connection with Julia, every time her name is mentioned he becomes distracted with what he is doing to try to get information about her. Julia had previously run away in order to keep Spike safe and he still has not come to terms with that, meaning he blames himself for the choices he has made in the past, not realizing that his previous choices have little effect on what kind of person he is now, rather it is fate that shapes him as a character.

There it is! I would like to know your thoughts on these shows on the comments!

Love you guys! <3

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  1. Excellent, dear. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your favorite anime. Keep blogging.

  2. Out of this list I’ve seen “Death Note”, “Attack on Titan”, and of course “Cowboy Bebop”. I have “The Promised Neverland” on my list but haven’t gotten around to it yet. A few of my favorites that aren’t here include “Shiki”, “Darker Than Black”, “Claymore”, and this one crazy anime about girls who turn into space battleships or something? I can’t remember the name of that last one, and sadly it left Netflix before I could finish watching it …

    1. “Shiki”, “Darker Than Black” and “Claymore” are on my watchlist, they all look really good. The last one you mentioned about space battleships sounds so familiar but for the life of me I can’t place it!

  3. I loved Death Note but it was hard to catch up😂 Very in-depth crime thriller…I was shocked to know what happened to L(oops spoiler alert for anyone here?)😂

    1. It does drag on towards the end, but I actually really liked the ending. It’s also one of those shows that you have to watch a couple times to get all that is going on.

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