Which Fruits Basket character are you based on your MBTI type? Part 1

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Hi Kittens! So I just started watching Fruits Basket (2019) and I love it! Of course, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘Which MBTI types are these characters?’. So, I did a little research (not the kind Master Jiraiya likes to do) and started writing this post!

NOTE: You might see some MBTI types repeated. This is because there are so many characters that share the same type. Also, I am doing introverts in this post and extroverts in the next.

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If you are INFP you are Yuki!

Though Prince Yuki is the most popular boy in school he is still trying to find confidence in himself due to his damaged family life and the effects of the Curse. Also due to his former family life Yuki has severe trust issues and is afraid of commitment. He has a strong heart though and willingly faces his demons every day. His character progresses with the show, as he opens himself up to other people, puts his trust in others, and stops beating himself up for his mistakes, and he learns to accept himself and be more forgiving of himself.

“It’s not like I suddenly became stronger, nor did anything change. My body still trembles, but I’ll keep facing my fears.”

So savage

If you are ISTP you are Kyo!

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Kyo carries the same emotional weight as Yuki, he deals with his emotions differently, however, than Yuki. Kyo does not like to acknowledge his emotions, and when he does feel an overwhelming emotion, he does not know how to express it, so he becomes frustrated instead. He needed an understanding friend, one who knew what exactly he was feeling and accepted it, and he found that friend in Tohru.

“Ever since you left I’ve been getting pissed off about everything, and because I couldn’t understand why, it just pissed me off even more!”

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If you are INFP you are Saki Hanajima!

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Like many INFP’s, Saki’s face does not convey any of the emotions she is feeling. She chooses to hide her many feelings behind an impassive countenance. It is hard to get close to Saki because of her major trust issues, but once you prove yourself a true, loyal friend she will protect you at all costs.

“To truly love someone, is to always put their feelings before your own… no matter what.”

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If you are ISFP you are Hatsuharu!

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Haru is a very interesting character. His moods are very black and white, one minute he is charming and quiet, the next he is a raging Ox! Much like Yuki, Haru struggles with self-esteem issues. He blames himself for being “stupid” as he was constantly told so from his family.

“I love you. I want you and no one else.”

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Ah! This boi!

If you are ISTJ you are Hatori!

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Like all ISTJ’s, Hatori has a practical approach to life and finds comfort in discovering the quickest solutions to problems. He also goes through great lengths to make his friends truly happy, even if it costs him his own happiness, such as when he suppresses Kana’s memory after she blames herself for the injury Akito caused him. He doesn’t show much emotion, but he cares deeply for his friends.

“I’m the one who owes you an apology. I’m the one who failed to protect you. Thank you for everything, Kana. It’s alright now. It’s over. You don’t have to suffer anymore. God, please let her meet someone better than me. Someone who can give her the happiness she deserves. I’ll do anything. I’ll be snow in a world without spring. Frozen until the day I die. Just please… Please.”

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If you are ISFP you are Ritsu!

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Ritsu continually feels the pressure of society and the responsibility towards his family, so much so that the pressure is almost unbearable for him. He wants some of this extreme pressure lifted from him, so he continually apologizes and adopts a feminine appearance to make himself less noticeable. Ritsu later learns that running away from your fears only makes them worse, and when he learns to face his fears, his confidence grows as a result.

“Because someday, even I might be able to find the reason I was born. I might meet someone who needs me.”

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If you are INFP Kisa!

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I can’t…! She is so adorable!

Yet another INFP! We love them! Kisa struggles with trust issues, just like Yuki and Saki Hanajima, as a result of bullying. When Tohru shows her kindness and offers to be her friend, Kisa accepts her and loves her for that.

“No…no. I need to try…to work it out. Otherwise, it’ll only get worse for me. Even if I can’t be friends with them, even if they keep ignoring me…I have to give it my best shot.”

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That’s it for now! Looking forward to posting part 2!

Love you guys! Stay safe and healthy!

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