How to turn your family and friends into weebs!

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Ahh that moment when you cuddle up on the couch or bed by yourself and just watch anime. But it doesn’t have to just be you. This is how you can make your friends and family watch your favorite anime with you…

First of all, go easy. DO NOT push them. That just will make them think you’re annoying and then they will definitely not want to watch it with you.

Secondly, find the genre they like. If you catch them watching romance then go with Toradora! If they’re more into action go with Demon Slayer. Crime is more their thing? Do Cowboy Beepop. And here’s the advice that you will find anywhere. If you don’t know what they like, go with Death Note.

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Death Note was the first anime I watched and that certainly got me addicted. It’s perfect for anyone and has a very good plot.

Try not watch too dramatic anime with them. Chill anime is kind of hard to find, but it’s okay. Try to find anime that focuses on fighting. And no, Naruto is not a good starter. It’s too “weird” for normal people (weird is cute as Kim Taehyung says). It’s for higher weebs, weebs who are used to shadow clones and sexy jutsus.

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Try Demon Slayer instead. Unless you think they could handle Naruto.

Attack on Titan is good, but might be a little gruesome for a few.

You can also try to bribe them with food.

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Preferably ramen (;

Well, this post is short, but I hope it was helpful!<33

Enjoy your Christmas!!!

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