10 Gift ideas for Anime fans!

The holidays are coming up and there’s a lot of weebs out there and you might know some. Or maybe you are a weeb who is pestered by friends and family members to tell them what you want for Christmas or your birthday. Either way this is the list for you! Let’s go!

10. Stickers

Stickers are usually a safe gift you can get anybody. They stick easily on laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and just about everything! You can customize them to the person’s style, everyone loves stickers. Here’s a link to some Demon Slayer stickers I found on Etsy.

9. Manga

Manga is a good gift for all anime fans. I mean, who doesn’t like cuddling up on the couch with a thrilling, adventurous manga? You just have to make sure that they don’t already have the set that your getting for them!

8. Makeout Paradise air freshener

For all you Naruto fans out there, we got you! I could see Kakashi putting this in his car. It keeps your car smelling fresh! Master Jiriaya would approve of this amazing smelling air freshener. This is a great gift for all anime fans.

7. Misa Misa earrings

I love the goth vibe to these earrings! These are perfect for cosplaying, going on a date with Light, or just for a fun night out! If Misa isn’t your vibe, keep scrolling! I think you will like the next gift idea I have.

6. Shinigami earrings

This is great for e-girls, e-boys, and anybody! I really love the minimalistic look that still has a touch of emo to it. Ryuk would totally approve of this gift!

5. The Promised Neverland music box

This music box plays Isabella’s lullaby which is super relaxing and will probably sooth any babies to sleep! This is a great background music that you can just chill out to!

4. Tokyo Ghoul mug

A mug is often a go-to gift for everyone. But this one’s different because it’s for weebs! Only Tokyo Ghoul fans will understand this mug. Other people will think it’s just a normal mug.

3. Tanjiro earrings

I mean who doesn’t LOVE Demon Slayer?! Tanjiro’s earrings feature a rising sun which symbolizes hope. This symbol is meant to “light the darkness of the world”, which we DO need!

2. Kyo’s bracelet

I fell in love with Kyo’s bracelet the moment I saw it! It’s so cute and it suits him with his red hair! You could always make this yourself if you want to.

1. Death Note

We got to number one!!! This death note is perfect for cosplaying, decoration, or just a journal. Just don’t write people’s names in it!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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