WIP (2)

Hi guys! Hope you are all doing well!

Here is my second WIP post! The first is here if you are interested.

Anyways, let me show you my latest projects I’ve been working on!

Chunky Knit Cardigan

I LOVE THIS CARDIGAN! It’s my new favorite piece of clothing! I have been wearing it so much lately, and it matches the color change of the season.

I tried out knitting the body in one piece, sewing the sides together, leaving room for the armholes, then attaching the sleeves, and joining the collar last.

The pattern for this cardigan is available for FREE here, or you can download the PDF version on my Etsy for $5.00.

Crochet Ladybug Doll

A customer requested this doll and it will be beyond cute! The ladybug (when it’s finished) will have a bow and skirt. I am thinking of making a pattern for this one in a week or so.

Here are the pics of my squashed ladybug!

Hehe I realize it’s kinda blurry….my camera is not the best…..

Fall Knit Cardigan

As requested by my beautiful sister Monica. I am combining some elements from my patchwork cardigan and sweater for this cardigan. I’m also adding ribbing on the sleeve cuffs and side panels by picking up stitches along the sides.

It was supposed to be done for Halloween (it’s going to be Halloween themed as well) but it’s very late…so here it is in pieces….

Love you all! See you very soon!

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