Which Death Note character are you based on your MBTI?

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Hey kittens! Thought it would be fun to change things up a bit and give you guys something new. If you have never heard of the 16 personalities, or MBTI, I’ll give a brief summary. You take a test to determine what your tendencies are, if you are an introvert or extrovert, how you deal with emotions, and how you react with the space around you. After taking the 16 personalities test you are shown four letters that “define” you. The website also gives you an explanation of these letters and tells you the strengths and weaknesses of your type and how you deal with friendships and relationships.

You can take the test here to find out your personality type.

Let me know in the comments which is your character!

So! After finding out your personality type let’s see what character you relate to the most from the anime Death Note.

If you are INTP you are most like L!

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L is a smart, quiet emo boy who is trying to catch Kira. NGL he is also really cute…

INTPs often think “outside of the box”. They are very smart and a little bit quirky.

If you got him, then congrats, you got my favorite character.

If you got INTJ you are Light!

Light is serious and a little bit dark (don’t let his name fool you).

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He is actually my personality type, LOL.

If you got ISTJ you are Teru Mikami!

Mikami is a very detailed person who likes everything organized.

Nothing out of place. Everything neat. That is an ISTJ’s life.

If you got INFP you are Rem!

INFPs are super sweet and loving, but they do have a dark side.

Rem is a very softhearted person towards people she loves and she protects them if they are in danger. You can see this in episode 25.

If you got INFJ you are Watari!

INFJs are very passionate and care about others close to them. We can see this with Watari and L.

Watari is warmhearted, yet practical. He likes things organized and neat. Overall he is very caring.

If you are ISTP you are Mogi!

ISTPs are very hardworking and they focuse on the task at hand. They try to aviod asking others for help, having the confidence to do it themselves.

Mogi is quiet but thrill-seeking and independent. He doesn’t really understand other people’s feelings or emotions. He is very sweet once you get to know him, though.

If you got ISFP you are Gelus!

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ISFP’s are sensitive and loyal, and we see this with the Shinigami Gelus. This type is loyal to their boo and we see this with Gelus and Misa. He is so loyal to Misa that he is willing to die for her. ISFP’s fight for what they believe in and would rather choose their own destiny than have others decide it for them.

If you are ISFJ you are Naomi Misora!

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ISFJ’s are often known for their loyalty (even more so than ISFP’s), and Naomi is dedicated to her fiance Raye Penber as she is trying to avenge his death and find Kira. They are able to observe the small details. They are also super supportive of those they are close to.

You probably noticed these are all introverts, if you are an extrovert don’t worry! The extroverts of Death Note are coming soon!

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