Charcoal knit sweater

Hello Kittens!!! (Writing this blog post while listening to Naruto lofi hip hop ofc) Once again this sweater is modeled by my beautiful sister Monica. There are a million ways you can style the sweater as it is pretty basic!

It features striped grey colors on the sleeves and body, and cables on the sleeves. It’s for the most part beginner-friendly. The cables are a little tricky though, just pay extra attention to the instructions while working on the cables. The rest of the sweater is just plain knit except for the ribbing on the cuffs and neckline. The sweater is worked from the bottom up. You will make the individual pieces (front, back, and sleeves) and then sew them together, then add the collar.

Anyways! Here’s the pattern!

It’s available for $4.50 on my Etsy.

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