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This crop top is so cute and gives off those summer vibes. It is a super easy and fun pattern. It’s modeled by my beautiful sister, Monica. Here’s the pattern!

Patchwork Crop Top

Size is small to medium, but the pattern allows much flexibility. The size can be adjusted by adding on squares or adding more stitches/rows to each square. See below for measurements.

Skill Level
Beginner: knowledge of basic knit stitches, knit stitch,
increasing, and binding off. Also sewing on the buttons.
Height: 10 ½”
Width: 16”
Shoulder strap: 10”

This is the link to the pattern on my shop which is available for $4.50!

Note: Please do not copy anything from this pattern without contacting me. If you do sell your finished project please credit me (kittytangled) as the original creator and distributer to support my work.

Also, remember to tag me on Instagram @kittytangled with your finished product!

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