Crochet axolotl pattern

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The first thing you will probably say (or think) when you first see this doll is “OMG!! So cute!”. And that’s exactly what it is. It’s adorable, squishy, and just plain soft. After the new Minecraft update when they introduced axolotls. I knew I just had to make this cutie.

Skill Level
Beginner: knowledge of basic crochet sts, decreasing and increasing.
Also some embroidery.

Measurements (inches)
Height: 18 from tail to head.
Width: body is 7, head and gills is 12.

Here’s the pattern on my Esty! It’s available for $4.50.

Note: Please do not copy anything from this pattern without contacting me. If you do sell your finished project please credit me (kittytangled) as the original creator and distributer to support my work.

Also, remember to tag me on Instagram @kittytangled with your finished product!

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